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After an initial consultation, our experts carry out the necessary research and planning to ensure your content has a clear outline to maximise your content's potential.

Your content is written, designed and curated by our experts who create unique content that's native to your brand's voice and content strategy.

Each piece of content we create is optimised for your specific needs whether you want to educate, sell, or engage your audience. 

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promotional plan

At BG Media, we design and develop your content for optimal search visibility, meaning it can be ranked by search engines.

Optimising your content for search engines will help people find your great content piece, but we can also incorporate a wider promotion to get your message to the masses. 

Our aim is to ensure your content is accessible via any device and coded for search visibility. Although we primarily focus on digital content, we have the capacity to adapt your content offline too. 

We also offer a content publishing service if you need someone to publish your content on a specific platform, or even multiple mediums, we'll get it done for you.


Our experts will create a promotional plan that gets your content in front of the right people and in the right places. 

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